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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpaintpaint1 /peΙͺnt/ ●●● S2 W2 noun [uncountable] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 paint.jpg DHTBa liquid that you put on a surface, using a brush to make the surface a particular colour πŸ”Š a can of blue paint πŸ”Š Wet paint (=used as a warning on signs when something has just been painted) πŸ”Š The whole house could do with a fresh coat of paint.peeling/flaking paint (=old paint that is starting to come off the surface) πŸ”Š All this room needs is a lick of paint (=paint used to make a place more attractive).2 β†’ paintsCOLLOCATIONSphrasesa can/tin/pot of paintHe had spilt a can of paint on the floor.a tube of paintThere was a painting on one of the easels and a table with his brushes and tubes of paint.a layer of paintThey removed the old layers of paint.a coat of paint (=a layer of paint that is put on something)Walls usually need at least two coats of paint.a lick of paint informal (=a layer of paint used to make something more attractive)All she needed to do to the kitchen was give it a lick of paint.adjectiveswhite/red/blue etcI decided to use white paint throughout the house.wetCareful – the paint is still wet.dryRemove the tape when the paint is dry.fresh (=new – used especially about the smell of new paint)The place smelled of fresh paint and new carpets.peeling/flaking paint (=starting to come off a surface because it is old)She lived in a gloomy old building with peeling paint on the walls.verbsput paint on somethingDon’t put the paint on too thick.apply paint formalClean the surface before applying the paint with a brush or roller.spray paint (=send paint out from a container in a stream of very small drops)Vandals had sprayed paint all over the walls.strip paint (=remove all the paint from a surface)We decided to strip the paint off the doors.scrape off/away paint (=take most of the paint off a surface using a tool)Scrape off any loose or flaking paint and rub the surface with sandpaper.paint driesWait for the paint to dry.paint peels/flakesThe paint was starting to peel off the window frame.
Examples from the Corpus
paintβ€’ a painting classβ€’ I'm not very good at painting.β€’ The use of Colour Index Generic Names, enables us to know which pigments are being used in each paint.β€’ The kit is sold complete apart from paint, with the machining work carried out by Rotorway.β€’ In recent years, lead levels have fallen as regulations have curbed lead in paint, gas and other products.β€’ But she could find no paint.β€’ Curious faces turned in her direction, faces some plain some pretty but all innocent of paint and powder.β€’ The state Air Resources Board can not ban spray paint.β€’ Manufacturers of the device said it would add about 25 cents to the cost of a can of spray paint.β€’ I holders cutters around nosed pliers a medium grade sandpaper, silver spray paint.β€’ There was an old iron bed, with rust showing through the white paint.a lick of paintβ€’ Rooms have recently had a lick of paint, but nothing too drastic, making this an unbeatable central London bargain.β€’ Julie Mills moved into her Edwardian town house in London expecting to just give it a lick of paint.