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paintpaint2 ●●● S2 W3 verb  1 [intransitive, transitive]DHTB to put paint on a surface The ceiling needs painting. brightly painted housespaint something (in) blue/red/green etc We painted the door blue. Paint the walls in a contrasting colour. The living room was painted in pastel shades of pink and blue.2 [intransitive, transitive] to make a picture, design etc using paint A white cross was painted on the door. Turner is famous for painting landscapes.paint in oils/watercolours etc (=paint using a particular type of paint) He paints mainly in acrylics.3 [transitive]DCB to put a coloured substance on part of your face or body to make it different or more attractive The children’s faces were painted to look like animals. She’d painted her toenails with red nail polish.4 DESCRIBE[transitive] to describe someone or something in a particular waypaint somebody/something as something She’s often been painted as a tough businesswoman.paint a grim/rosy/gloomy picture of somebody/something Dickens painted a grim picture of Victorian life. The article painted him in a bad light (=described him in a way that made him seem bad).5 paint the town (red) not be as black as you are painted at black1(10) paint something ↔ out paint over something→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
paintDon't wear that shirt when you're painting.It was easily sixty feet high, and painted a flat silver from its top to its base.I'm going to paint a picture of the church.They are painted as having received too much government.Her lips and fingernails were painted bright red.The exhibition focuses on the urban pictures painted by Camille Pissarro in the last decade of his career.The pictures in Paul Gunn's exhibition were all landscapes, most beautifully painted in oils.Anna usually paints in the afternoons.When André Warnod came home on leave he asked him politely whether he would like to have his portrait painted in uniform.He is going to paint my portrait.Yes, the recent big paintings are painted quite thinly.My neighbor painted that picture.Next day the raftbuilders began the task of painting the bamboos, and the results were dramatic.I'm going to paint the bathroom tomorrow.We really need to paint the bedroom.What colour did you paint the doors?Geraint was sitting on the beach, painting the seagulls and the fishing boats.Sarah painted the table blue.All the children had painted their faces.The walls were painted tomato red, with matching red drapes.Walls are painted white drifting to dove gray.Background painted with 3030 B70G, Collector, matt emulsion from the Definitions range by Dulux, £15.49/2.5 litres.paint something (in) blue/red/green etcWindow frames painted a vermilion red and decorated with colored glass were polished over and over.It was painted a fiery red and had huge windows.He lay there on the bed looking up at the ceiling painted bright blue and spotted with adhesive stars and planets.It took up half a block of Tollemarche Avenue and was gaily painted in red and white.Ribbons of trees along now-dry creeks paint creases of green between charred hills.Our door is painted a bright green colour with numerous messages using inappropriate language and phrases covering its exterior.Using a paint brush paint blue eyes and whiskers on to the rabbit's face and pink ears and a nose.The churches are painted an earthy red, with red domes and cupolas, and thick red velvet curtains decorate the insides.paint in oils/watercolours etcThe pictures in Paul Gunn's exhibition were all landscapes, most beautifully painted in oils.paint somebody/something as somethingHer lawyers paint her as an innocent victim.