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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpalatialpa‧la‧tial /pəˈleɪʃəl/ adjective  DHBEAUTIFUL/GOOD-LOOKINGa palatial building etc is large and beautifully decorated a palatial country residence
Examples from the Corpus
palatialA similar courtyard exists at Montsoreau nearby, while the Gothic Court at Blois is entirely palatial.In addition to the palatial and leafy suburbs, there are areas of inner-city terraced housing awaiting redevelopment and large outlying council estates.There was tea and coffee at her palatial apartment in Mayfair's Chesterfield House.a palatial Beverly Hills estateHe put Mary in control of the palatial establishment in New York.The coach dropped me at the Lofleid3ir, a palatial hotel.This is a palatial Jacobean country manor house with exquisite interiors and wooden carvings.This palatial Jacobean country mansion has lavishly decorated interiors and exquisite wooden carvings.The palatial Manningham Mills were built by Samuel Lister in 1873.She lives in a palatial New York apartment.a palatial residence with a find collection of 18th century paintings