Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: 'piece of cloth, piece', from Latin pannus; PANE


pan‧el S1 W2 [countable]

group of people

[also + plural verb British English]
a) a group of people with skills or specialist knowledge who have been chosen to give advice or opinions on a particular subject
panel of
A panel of experts has looked at the proposal.
on a panel
There will be at least three senior doctors on the panel.
b) AM a group of well-known people who answer questions on a radio or television programme [↪ panellist]
on a panel
We have two senior politicians on our panel tonight.
c) SCL American English a group of people who are chosen to listen to a case in a court of law and to decide the result [= jury]:
The panel spent 14 hours going over the evidence.

piece of something

a) DHTB a flat piece of wood, glass etc with straight sides, which forms part of a door, wall, fence etc:
a stained glass panel
There were a few panels missing from the fence.
b) TTC a piece of metal that forms part of the outer structure of a vehicle:
One of the door panels was badly damaged and had to be replaced.
c) DCC a piece of material that forms part of a piece of clothing:
a skirt made in six panels

instrument/control panel

TT a board in a car, plane, boat etc that has the controls on it


AVP a thin board with a picture painted on it

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