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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpanelpan‧el /ˈpænl/ ●●○ S3 W3 AWL noun [countable]  1 group of people a) ADVISEa group of people with skills or specialist knowledge who have been chosen to give advice or opinions on a particular subjectpanel of A panel of experts has looked at the proposal.on a panel There will be at least three senior doctors on the panel. b) AMa group of well-known people who answer questions on a radio or television programmepanelliston a panel We have two senior politicians on our panel tonight. c) SCL American English a group of people who are chosen to listen to a case in a court of law and to decide the result syn jury The panel spent 14 hours going over the evidence.GRAMMAR: Singular or plural verb?In this meaning, panel is usually followed by a singular verb: The panel has reached a decision.In British English, you can also use a plural verb: The panel have reached a decision.2 piece of something a) DHTBa flat piece of wood, glass etc with straight sides, which forms part of a door, wall, fence etc a stained glass panel There were a few panels missing from the fence. b) TTCa piece of metal that forms part of the outer structure of a vehicle One of the door panels was badly damaged and had to be replaced. c) DCCa piece of material that forms part of a piece of clothing a skirt made in six panels3 instrument/control panel4 pictureAVP a thin board with a picture painted on it solar panel
Examples from the Corpus
panelAll applicants are questioned by a panel of experienced interviewers.He was on a panel of judges for a famous literary prize.a panel discussion on sexual harassmentA panel of scientists met to discuss the issue of nuclear safety.Next year another new press will be in place, the two producing eighty thousand tons of car panels a year.Citizen discussion panels need to explore issues such as public transport, community care, or response to unemployment.the Senate ethics panelHowever, on July 29, the same day the Reclamation panel reached its verdict, Otis could no longer contain himself.Let me introduce tonight's panel.Cover with second panel of glass, so that contents fully visible but inaccessible.In his private capacity, the president is subject to lawsuits like any other citizen, the panel maintained.I've been invited to join the panel on a radio arts programme.Steve Buyer, an Indiana Republican who leads the panel.The panel could also ask that Gingrich be fined and that his case be referred to the Justice Department.a carved-wood panelon a panelMonday night, in fact, Gates appeared on a panel just before Mandela was scheduled to speak.In both cases I worked on oil on panel which I later fixed to the walls.Years of committee work and hours spent on panels in Whitehall have given him a studious and sombre air.