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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpanelledpan‧elled British English, paneled American English /ˈpænld/ adjective  TBDHcovered or decorated with flat pieces of woodpanelled with/in The walls were panelled with oak.
Examples from the Corpus
panelledThe sequence of octagonal panelled designs meanwhile includes examples from Gloucester, 10-18, Eastgate Street.I knocked sharply on the panelled door Gloria had directed me to and didn't wait for a reply.She tapped lightly on the tall, wide, ornately panelled door, then pushed it open and walked in.Such a simple idea, I always thought to have a wall of panelled doors that folded back.They stood in fascinated awe as the immense panelled surface slid past.The interior has beams, panelled walls, and inglenook fireplaces.As if the office, its panelled walls and rich dark furnishings had been preserved from the rigours of time.panelled with/inIts walls were dark, panelled with ancient oak, its floor stone-flagged, as was the whole of the ground floor.The walls were panelled in mahogany except for the fourth wall behind him.His end had no carpet, and its walls were panelled with old painted boards like a fisherman's cottage.It was spacious, panelled with stained mahogany and well-furnished.The walls had been panelled in varnished oak.