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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpatinapat‧i‧na /ˈpætənə $ pəˈtiːnə/ noun [singular]  1 HCMDHa greenish layer that forms naturally on the surface of copper or bronze2 DHa smooth shiny surface that gradually develops on wood, leather etc3 a patina of wealth/success etc
Examples from the Corpus
patinaIt also takes on a patina of contrivance, verbal and visual anachronisms, Mara Blumenfeld's quirky costumes aside.The mahogany work tables, mottled by youthful mis-experiment, shone with a rich dark patina.Aside from a crumpled roll of dollar bills covered with a pale patina of the sacred dirt, his pockets were empty.Robbie had time to admire the rich patina of lovingly cared-for wood.Large homes cry to be filled with possessions, which gives their owners the patina of necessity for their purchases.The film of steam combined with the patina of dirt on the glass made them almost opaque.The patina the bronzes had acquired during burial was much admired, and people assumed that they had originally been patinated.