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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishquiltedquilt‧ed /ˈkwɪltɪd/ adjective  DHquilted cloth consists of layers held together by lines of stitches that cross each other a quilted bath robe
Examples from the Corpus
quiltedA quilted armour of dull gold covered him amply.a quilted bathrobeSome were carrying bulky packages covered with thick quilted cloths.Washable, soft, quilted cover.She was wearing a quilted housecoat, and in her hand was a hairdryer.Naturally, Eurowoman has harem pants in shot silk, edged in quilted material which matches her costume.Also popular for travelling are quilted, overblown pseudo-ski jackets in pink or blue that look like duvets rampant.Claude Montana's striking suede quilted shell jacket. 6.A quilted spread of ground descending an easy slope to the railway lines.