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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsconcesconce /skɒns $ skɑːns/ noun [countable]  DHan object that is attached to a wall and holds candles or electric lights
Examples from the Corpus
sconceAthelstan led Cranston round the church, stopped, and told the coroner to wait until he fetched a sconce torch.Why hadn't the man left a sconce burning?I came out here with a sconce torch.Why are the candle sconces mounted like that on the armrests?The lamps on it were fake candles, set in sconces like upturned lion's paws.Using the lantern, Apanage lit candles set in sconces on the wall.Multi-bracketed candelabra placed along the centre helped the sconce torches to bathe the room in light.Benjamin pushed me in, locking the door behind us, and lit two sconce torches.