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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishscrapbookscrap‧book /ˈskræpbʊk/ noun [countable]  DHa book with empty pages where you can stick pictures, newspaper articles, or other things you want to keep
Examples from the Corpus
scrapbookInstead of serving as a vehicle for communicating with employees, these publications have more often resembled family scrapbooks or hometown newspapers.You might stumble across a phrase or image that seems possible, but as a whole this faux scrapbook reeks.I knew it was a mistake to help my silly wee sister paste pictures into her scrapbook in the sitting room.He keeps scrapbooks full of them at his home in Bradwell, Milton Keynes.This notebook is part journal, part idea book, part scrapbook, and part to-do list.He pasted it into his socialist scrapbook.The novel unfolds in the present and, through the scrapbook and the memories of assorted characters, in the past.One last ad for the summer un-vacation scrapbook.