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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsculleryscul‧le‧ry /ˈskʌləri/ noun (plural sculleries) [countable]  DHa room next to the kitchen in a large house, where cleaning jobs were done in past times
Examples from the Corpus
sculleryThere's a wide door between kitchen and scullery which is usually left propped open.The kitchen and scullery had been swept and tidied up, and all the beds made.Her grandmother, as usual, was sorting the washing in the scullery.In the scullery I found a note propped against a milk carton on the draining-board.I went back into the scullery and opened the adjoining door to the front room.He walked along the small passage leading to the kitchen, then padded beyond it into the scullery before pressing a light-switch.I remember squealing as we watch the black monster twitch its claws on the scullery floor.She unlocked the scullery door at seven-fifteen this morning - actually, she was late.