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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishskirting boardˈskirting board (also skirting /ˈskɜːtɪŋ $ ˈskɜːr-/) noun [countable, uncountable] British English  DHa long narrow piece of wood that is fastened along the bottom of the walls in a room syn baseboard American English
Examples from the Corpus
skirting boardThe window boxes were home-made, from pieces of skirting board begged from the builders.And a more frantic presence was trapped behind the skirting board.The small space at the bottom will be covered by the skirting board.I, whose family offer to bring the stepladder if I plan to point the skirting board?Other factors considered were how close to the skirting board and how far under beds the cleaners would go.Nairn recommends coving up to skirting board height to make maintenance even easier.