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stitchstitch2 verb [transitive]  DHFASTEN/DO UPto sew two pieces of cloth together, or to sew a decoration onto a piece of cloth Mary is stitching a bedspread.stitch something onto/across something The jersey has his name stitched across the back. stitch something ↔ together stitch somebody/something ↔ up→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
stitchNick's wounds were decoratively stitched.Considering the arduous nature of their work, these require darning and stitching all too often.Finally I used five centimetres of narrow lace which I gathered and stitched around the neck to form a collar.Repetitive tasks, whether sorting coupons, stitching fabric or entering data, wear most workers toward early retirement.Instead of stitching the bora along the horizontal, he had stitched it along the vertical.stitch something onto/across somethingHe was given a baseball jersey with his name stitched across the back.