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tapertaper2 noun [countable]  1 DHa very thin candle small boys holding lighted tapers2 TBURNa piece of string covered in wax, used for lighting lamps, candles etc The box contained a taper to light each firework.
Examples from the Corpus
taperThere was a scrape as she brought a taper forth from a tin box and leaned towards the fire to light it.Now that there is a taper, they complain just as loudly.John twisted soft iron wire around some thick dowelling, whittled to a taper, to make candleholders.Many of these changes have centred on what are called tapers.It meant three or four degrees of taper on most surfaces, cylindrical surfaces slightly conical.The servants came scurrying with new brooms and pails; taper boys ran to replenish the wall-sconces.Outside the cold wind snuffed the taper out.