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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtoweltow‧el1 /ˈtaʊəl/ ●●● S3 noun [countable]  towel.jpg DHa piece of cloth that you use for drying your skin or for drying things such as dishes Have you got a clean towel I could use?bath/beach/kitchen towel She dried her hands on the kitchen towel. paper towel, sanitary pad, tea towel, → throw in the towel at throw
Examples from the Corpus
towelMandy, I have a towel over my head.After I bury the dolls under the sheets and towels, I pick up my child, placing her against my chest.a bath towelGreen in the chrome of the Harley, in the beach towel hung on a peg.Finally, she covered him with a few towels from the van and left him on the ground.Her body was swathed in towels, except for the gap where her vest was pulled up.Top with warm cracklings that have been warmed in paper towels in the oven.Use the Steamatic's crease remover accessory with the towel to remove greasy marks and creases from your clothes and curtains.bath/beach/kitchen towelShe looked round, unseeing, at all the discarded clothes and bath towels looped on the bed and floor.Room service and beach towels are provided without additional charge.My friends were wearing two and three sweaters and had beach towels draped around their shoulders for extra warmth.Swallowing convulsively, she rubbed vigorously at her face and hair with a large bath towel until her skin burned.He stands, grabs the beach towel.Green in the chrome of the Harley, in the beach towel hung on a peg.As she was drying her hair on the kitchen towel, Nora appeared through the dining-room door.That evening my grandmother bundled me, weeping, in a large warm bath towel and tried to explain.