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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwhite spiritˌwhite ˈspirit noun [uncountable] British English  DHa clear liquid made from petrol, used for making paint thinner, removing marks on clothes etc syn turpentine
Examples from the Corpus
white spiritLess than half an hour later she cleaned the brush in white spirit and pressed the lid of the tin noiselessly down.Wash in white spirit or a proprietary brush cleaner.Rags and dusters with polish, window-cleaning liquid or white spirit on them should also be removed.You will need surgical spirit or white spirit for cleaning the needles.Buy these with the paint; brushes can't be cleaned with white spirit or water.Prime with two to three coats of eggshell, thinning down the first one with white spirit to avoid ridges.If too thick for easy brushing, then the varnish can be thinned with white spirit.The mixture of oil and copal was thinned, usually with white spirit.