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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwindowsillwin‧dow‧sill /ˈwɪndəʊˌsɪl $ -doʊ-/ (also window ledge) noun [countable]  DHa shelf fixed along the bottom of a window
Examples from the Corpus
windowsillYou can have an instant garden for a windowsill, balcony, roof terrace, or even your doorstep.Here and there the head of a child was seen peering over a windowsill.Vermilion, cobalt and acid yellow melt across a sofa, a wall, a windowsill.And there, beyond the books on the windowsill, her floods, transforming the world like the eye in love.I reached for the brick on the windowsill.I am going to put it on the windowsill.He swung his legs over the windowsill and for an instant his torso seemed to disappear into the darkness inside.