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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwoodpilewood‧pile /ˈwʊdpaɪl/ noun [countable]  DHa pile of wood to be burned in a fire
Examples from the Corpus
woodpileA trail of mouse tracks leads from one woodpile to the next by the cabin.A sheet of plastic covered the woodpile.In the meantime, the woodpile had, like the tiny forest pool, temporarily detained a forest sojourner.He braked and grabbed up the shotgun as he laid the bike over, sliding into the shelter of the woodpile.Finally, the bird, while searching for the mouse, accidentally knocked over the woodpile, which caught fire.The water from the creek reached the woodpile at the side of the house.One evening Kalchu went to the woodpile to choose which one it would be.If the forester finds green wood in your woodpile, you're in serious trouble.