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AB abdomen accommodation Achilles tendon Adam's apple adaptation adenoids adrenalin airway ambidextrous anatomical ankle antibody antigen anus anvil aorta appendix arch armpit arterial artery atrium baby tooth back backbone bandy barrel-chested beat belly belly button bicep big toe bikini line bile biological clock biorhythms biped bladder blind spot blink(v) blink(n) blood count blood group blood pressure bloodstream blood type blood vessel BO body clock body odour bone bone marrow bowel bow legs brain brainwave breast breastbone bristly bronchial bronchial tube brow buck teeth bullnecked burp bust buttock canine capillary cardiac cardio- carotid artery cartilage central nervous system cerebellum cerebral cervical cervix chamber change of life cheek cheekbone chest chin circulation clavicle cleavage clitoris close-set coccyx cochlea cock collarbone colon colour colour-blind conception cone connective tissue coordination cornea cortex cough(v) cough(n) cowlick cranium crook crotch crow's feet crutch cry cuticle dandruff deep-set defecate defence mechanism dental dentine derrière diaphragm digit digital dimple disc dominant double-jointed dribble drool duct duodenum ear eardrum earhole egg ejaculate elbow enamel endocrine entrails epidermis epiglottis erect erection erogenous zone excrement excreta excrete excretion expectorate extremity eye eyebrow eyelash eyelid eyesight eye tooth face fallopian tube fart(v) fart(n) femur fibre fibula figure fingernail fingertip fist five o'clock shadow flat-chested foetal position folic acid follicle forearm forefinger forehead foreskin frame funny bone gall bladder gallstone gastric genital genitals gland glottis gonad grey matter groin G-spot gullet gum hair hairless hairy hammer hamstring hand hand-eye co-ordination handlebar moustache head heart heel hiccup(n) hiccup(v) hip Homo sapiens human humerus hymen immune immune system immunity inbred incisor index finger inherit instep intestine in vitro fertilization iris IVF jaw jawbone jowl kidney knee knee cap knuckle lap large intestine larynx lash laugh lines laughter lines left-handed lefty lens lid lifeblood ligament lip little finger liver lobe long-sighted lumbar lung lymph lymph node mammary mammary gland manual marrow masticate matrix melanin melatonin member menopause menses menstrual menstrual period menstruate middle ear middle finger midget midriff milk tooth mind molar mucous membrane muscle nail nape nasal navel nervous neurology neuron niacin nipple node nodule nostril ocular oesophagus oral ovary overbite oviduct palate palm palpitate palpitations pancreas passage patella pectorals pelvic pelvis penetrate pepsin period period pain perspiration perspire phallus pharynx phlegm physical physiognomy physiology physique pigeon-toed pit pituitary placenta plasma platelet pore potbelly premenstrual prepubescent pressure point primal private parts prognathous prostate puberty pubescent pubic pudendum pulmonary pulp pulse pupil quad quadruplet quin quintuplet radius receptor recessive rectal rectum red blood cell REM sleep renal retina Rhesus factor RH factor rib rib cage right right-handed right-hander rigor mortis ring finger rod Roman nose round-shouldered run salivary gland sallow scalp scaly scapula sciatic scrotum semen seminal sense sense organ sensory sextuplet shank shin shinbone shoulder shoulder blade side sinew sinus skeletal skull sleep(v) sleep(n) small intestine sneeze(v) sneeze(n) snub nose snub-nosed soft palate solar plexus sole sphincter spinal spinal column spine spit(v) spit(n) spittle spleen spotty sputum sternum steroid stirrup stomach stool stubble subcutaneous suck suckle suckling sweat gland system tailbone tan(v) tan(n) tanned tarsus tartar taste bud tear teardrop teat temple tendon testes testicle testis testosterone thickset thigh thorax throat thumb thumbnail thyroid tibia ticklish toe toenail tongue tonsil tooth torso touch trachea triceps trunk tympanum ulna umbilical cord urethra uterus uvula vagina vascular vein venous ventricle vessel vestibule vital vocal cords voice box vulva waist wall-eyed wax white white blood cell windpipe wisdom tooth womb wrinkle wrist yawn(v) yawn(n)


2 noun
human2 W3 also human being [countable]
a person
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