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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishanvilan‧vil /ˈænvəl/ noun [countable]  TICa heavy iron block on which pieces of hot metal are shaped using a hammer
Examples from the Corpus
anvilPerched on the bench was the tiny instrument known as a diamond anvil.Like the cannon, the diamond anvil is used to mimic the extreme conditions inside the earth.The fine steel blade is non-stick coated giving a precise anvil action.Where flint waste is found there are usually hammer stones and perhaps a stone anvil.High-pressure researchers are now using the anvil and the cannon to search for signs of these internal changes.They caught the sparks that showered from my own tiny anvil and I failed to think it odd.He had an unshaven anvil chin, glittering eyes and a blonde-haired schoolteacher whose name was Maya.