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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcerebellumcer‧e‧bel‧lum /ˌserəˈbeləm/ noun (plural cerebellums or cerebella /-lə/) [countable]  HBH technical the bottom part of your brain that controls your muscles
Examples from the Corpus
cerebellumEven in his haste he noted subtle distinctions of taste between cerebellum and cortex, between frontal lobes and limbic system.This engram resides in a tiny area in the brain's cerebellum - a place many neuroscientists never thought to look.Many neurologic disorders affecting the brain stem, cerebellum, and spinal cord posterior column may cause dizzy sensations.Fortunately, although much about the cerebellum is mysterious, enough is known for such features to have been identified.In other words, electrical activity was seen to develop in the cerebellum in connection with eyeblink conditioning.The cerebellum is positively bursting with over-activity.The cerebellum, atop the brain stem, has many more, thanks to so many little granule cell neurons.