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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcolonco‧lon /ˈkəʊlən $ ˈkoʊ-/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 HBH technical the lower part of the bowels, in which food is changed into waste matter2 SLAthe sign (:) that is used in writing and printing to introduce an explanation, example, quotation(1) etcsemicolon
Examples from the Corpus
colonColons and Semicolons Most business documents contain colons that serve one or two functions.Answer: b. Why: Only use a colon when the statement completely and naturally stops.This experiment shows a previously unknown dietary effect upon bacterial activity in the human colon.We elected to include this patient in the study since the entire remaining right colon had active ulcerative colitis.Eighty eight percent examinations reached the right colon.Unfortunately in the colon the situation is far less clear.Despite research contributions for many countries the normal and pathological motor function of the colon remains poorly understood.These L4 then emerge on to the mucosal surface, migrate to the colon, develop to the adult stage.