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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdandruffdan‧druff /ˈdændrəf, -drʌf/ noun [uncountable]  HBHsmall pieces of dead skin from someone’s head that can be seen in their hair or on their shoulders
Examples from the Corpus
dandruffThat when dames had dandruff, it was often just flakes from their hairspray.When this process is accelerated, the result is dandruff.The sawdust gathered on her blotter with ugly subtleness, like dandruff on a collar.A flour-bomb of dandruff on his shoulders.The darkly-clad figure shook him off as if he were but a speck of dandruff upon his finely-tailored shoulder.There were very large predators, too, swimming beneath the scattered dandruff of flotsam.Exotic dancers, taxi drivers, cigarette girls, lawyers of the shopworn sort with dandruff on their lapels.Don't be embarrassed by your dandruff problem.