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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdigitaldi‧gi‧tal /ˈdɪdʒətl/ ●●○ adjective  1 TCusing a system in which information is recorded or sent out electronically in the form of numbers, usually ones and zeros digital TV a digital signal a digital camera digital recordingdigital cassette/audiotape etc a recording on digital audiotape2 DTgiving information in the form of numbersanalogue a digital watch3 formalHBH relating to the fingers and toesdigitally adverb
Examples from the Corpus
digitalHyperCard was a primer for the digital age.The guru of the new digital Army is Gen.As she descended the escalator towards the platforms, she noticed the digital clock in the ceiling.a digital clockThe same arguments for use of digital electronics apply equally to communications systems, test and measurement, broadcasting and consumer electronics.These are terms used in digital electronics to designate the basic logical operations on which digital systems are founded.This camera can take digital pictures.First, the new digital seismometers had unleashed upon geophysicists a flood of sensitive, accessible data.AirTouch has said the digital service could be ready as soon as this year.In digital terms, the sky would normally require about 0.4 megabytes of data.digital cameraI recently made one of the best investments with my digital camera.High-tech digital cameras are used extensively in astronomy to capture dim light from distant galaxies.For video work, I have used both a camcorder and a digital camera as a source.It's solid, well-built and looks more like a conventional film camera than the other digital cameras featured in this test.On the down side, affordable digital cameras have limited memory.Digicam buying advice With digital cameras improving all the time, take some advice before buying.The new QuickTake 200 is a digital camera that records photographs in computer memory.You also can use a digital camera, which records pictures electronically and uploads them straight to your computer without using film.digital watchSir Clive, 51, also invented the pocket calculator, home computer and the digital watch.The working parts of a digital watch.You can always tell some one who is using a digital watch.Zoltan's company, Cyanamid, plans to license its pending patents to makers of digital watches.He must have watched his digital watch flick away each precious minute and second.However, there is an instant when a digital watch is speechless.He'd seen something rather more promising than digital watches under Mr Schofield's work bench, something in a small bag.You can synchronise your digital watch with the countdown to ensure you start exactly as the gun goes.