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1 adjective
dom‧i‧nant1 W3
1 more powerful, important, or noticeable than other people or things [↪ dominate]:
The dominant male gorilla is the largest in the group.
Japan became dominant in the mass market during the 1980s.
its dominant position within the group
2 controlling or trying to control other people or things - used to show disapproval [= domineering]:
a dominant personality
3HBH technical a dominant gene causes a child to have a particular physical feature or illness, even if it has been passed on from only one parent [↪ recessive]:
The disease is under the control of a single dominant gene.
WORD FOCUS: strong WORD FOCUS: strong
person: tough, muscular, wiry, powerful

thing: tough, sturdy, durable, rugged, heavy-duty, indestructible, well-made, robust

country/organization: powerful, mighty, influential, dominant

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