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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishduodenumdu‧o‧de‧num /ˌdjuːəˈdiːnəm $ ˌduːəˈdiːnəm, duˈɑːdn-əm/ noun [countable]  HBHthe top part of your bowel, below your stomachduodenal /ˌdjuːəˈdiːnl◂ $ ˌduːəˈdiːnl◂, duˈɑːdn-əl/ adjective a duodenal ulcer
Examples from the Corpus
duodenumThese patterns tend to stay stable over time and most patients had the same strain of Helicobacter in the stomach and duodenum.In the nine H pylori negative non-uraemic patients, one had erosive duodenitis and another a deformed duodenum.Briefly, the perfused preparation consisted of pancreas with a small remnant of duodenum according to the method as described elsewhere.Single ulcers develop in the proximal duodenum of about half the animals.Similar to other reports we also identified Dieulafoy's lesion in the duodenum.Various animal studies have shown inhibition of pancreatic enzyme secretion by pancreatic proteases in the duodenum.Another patient had severe inflammation and numerous granulomata on histological examination of duodenal biopsies indicating Crohn's disease of the duodenum.A small intestinal biopsy specimen was taken from the third part of the duodenum, and routinely processed for histological examination.