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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_086_deyeeye1 // ●●● S1 W1 noun  1 ldoce_086.png for seeing withHBH [countable] one of the two parts of the body that you use to see with He’s got beautiful eyes. There were tears in her eyes as she listened to the story. Ow! I’ve got something in my eye!blue-eyed/one-eyed/bright-eyed etc a brown-eyed girl wide-eyed2 way of seeing/understanding [countable usually singular] a particular way of seeing, judging, or understanding something Go through your shopping list with a critical eye for foods with a high fat content.with the eye of somebody The magazine combines the accuracy of the scientist with the eye of the artist.to somebody’s eye(s) The picture quality, to my eye, is excellent.through the eyes of somebody (=from the point of view of a particular person) The story is told through the eyes of a refugee child.in the eyes of somebody (=according to a particular person or group) Carl could do no wrong in the eyes of his parents.3 keep an eye on something/somebody4 have/keep your eye on somebody5 eye contact6 keep/have one eye/half an eye on somebody/something7 have your eye on something8 the naked eye9 before your very eyes10 can’t take your eyes off somebody/something11 under the (watchful/stern etc) eye of somebody12 run/cast your eye over something13 set/lay/clap eyes on somebody/something14 keep an eye open/out (for somebody/something)15 with an eye to (doing) something16 close/shut your eyes to something17 have an eye/a good eye for something18 keep your eyes peeled/skinned19 with your eyes open20 can do something with your eyes shut/closed21 make eyes at somebody/give somebody the eye22 an eye for/on/to the main chance23 one in the eye for somebody24 an eye for an eye25 for somebody’s eyes only26 have eyes in the back of your head27 get/keep your eye in28 have eyes like a hawk29 his/her etc eyes were popping (out of his/her etc head)30 be up to your eyes in something31 have eyes bigger than your belly32 only have eyes for somebody33 my eye!34 all eyes are on/watching/fixed on etc35 in a pig’s eye!36 camera [singular] the eye of the camera is the way that you appear in photographs Fashion models are completely comfortable with the eye of the camera.37 needleDLH [countable] the hole in a needle that you put the thread through38 for fastening clothesDCC [countable] a small circle or U-shaped piece of metal used together with a hook for fastening clothes39 stormDN [singular] the calm centre of a storm such as a hurricane40 potatoHBP [countable] a dark spot on a potato that a new plant can grow from bird's-eye view, black eye, Catseye, private eye, red eye, → the apple of somebody’s eye at apple(2), → not bat an eye at bat2(2), → turn a blind eye (to something) at blind1(3), → see something out of the corner of your eye at corner1(8), → the evil eye at evil1(5), → give somebody the glad eye at glad(6), → look somebody in the eye/face at look1(7), → in your mind’s eye at mind1(40), → here’s mud in your eye at mud, → open somebody’s eyes (to) at open2(17), → in the public eye at public1(11), → make sheep’s eyes at at sheep(3), → a sight for sore eyes at sight1(14), → in the twinkling of an eye at twinkling, → keep a weather eye on at weather1(5), → pull the wool over somebody’s eyes at wool(4)COLLOCATIONScolourbrown/blue/grey/greenBoth their children have blue eyes.dark brown/pale brownHis eyes are dark brown.deep blue/pale blueShe looked into his deep blue eyes.The tiny child’s pale blue eyes stared up at her appealingly. hazel (=pale brown and slightly green or golden)He was a quiet, kindly man, with hazel eyes.sleepy/tired (also weary literary)He rubbed his tired eyes and yawned.moist/watery/tearful (=full of tears)Bethan’s eyes grew moist as she talked about her family.sadHe gazed at her with sad eyes as she slowly walked away.cold/cruel (=unfriendly or unkind)He smiled, but his blue eyes were cold and cruel.shape/positionbigShe looked at me with those big brown eyes.smallHis small cold eyes seemed full of menace.round/wideThe children gazed at the screen, their eyes wide with excitement.narrowHe has a thin face and narrow eyes.bulging (=round and sticking far out)His bulging eyes made him rather look like a frog.beady eyes (=small round and bright, and noticing a lot of things)His beady eyes darted around the room.deep-set (=far back in someone’s face)Mac’s eyebrows were thick and dark, above deep-set eyes.close-set (=close together)He had a small nose and close-set eyes.wide-set (=wide apart)Claudette studied the wide-set eyes that looked so innocent.sunken (=having fallen inwards, especially because of age or illness)The man's eyes were sunken, with deep black rings around them.showing your feelings/charactersleepy/tiredHis eyes looked sleepy.Her hair was a mess and her eyes were tired. sadHer beautiful eyes suddenly looked sad. tearful/moist/misty (=feeling that you want to cry) As she left a village, people waved at her with tearful eyes.bright (=happy or excited)the bright eyes of the childrencold (=unfriendly and not showing any emotion)Her eyes were cold and uncaring.red/bloodshot (=red because you are upset, tired, ill etc)My mother’s eyes were red from crying.puffy (=swollen because you are ill or upset)The girl’s eyes were puffy and full of tears.soulful eyes (=showing strong emotions, especially sadness)The dog looked up at her with big soulful eyes.wild/mad eyes (=very angry, afraid etc)He stared at them with wild eyes.hungry/greedy eyes (=showing that you want something very much)The men looked around the room with their greedy eyes.verbsopen your eyesI slowly opened my eyes.somebody’s eyes openSuddenly his eyes opened.close/shut your eyesJoe closed his eyes and tried to get back to sleep.somebody’s eyes closeShe let her eyes close for just a moment.rub your eyesAnna rubbed her eyes wearily.shade/shield your eyes (=protect them from a bright light or the sun)They gazed out to sea, shielding their eyes from the sun.narrow your eyes (=partly close them, especially to show that you do not trust someone)She narrowed her eyes at him suspiciously.somebody’s eyes narrow (=become half closed, especially because someone does not trust another person)Her dark eyes narrowed for a moment.somebody’s eyes widen (=become more open because they are surprised)His eyes widened in shock.somebody’s eyes sparkle/shine (=show that they are very happy)Jenny’s eyes sparkled with excitement.somebody’s eyes light up (=become excited)His eyes lit up when I mentioned the word money.drop/lower your eyes (=look down at the ground)The servants lowered their eyes as the countess walked past.avert your eyes literary (=look away from something)He averted his eyes from the body.phraseskeep your eyes open (=prevent them from closing)I was so tired I could hardly keep my eyes open.have/keep etc your eyes glued to something (=be watching something with all your attention)Ted sat with his eyes glued to the television.somebody’s eyes are full of tearsWhen she put the phone down, her eyes were full of tears.somebody’s eyes are full of hatred/fear etcThe prisoners stared at him, their eyes full of hatred.eye + NOUNan eye test (also an eye exam American English) (=to find out how well you can see)You should have an eye test every couple of years.eye make-up (=make-up that you put on your eyelids or eyelashes)She never leaves the house without lipstick and eye make-up.COMMON ERRORSDon’t say ‘black eyes’ when you mean dark brown eyes. You normally use ‘black eye’ when someone has a bruise around their eye, after being hit by someone.
Examples from the Corpus
eyeLike zucchini, there are only so many you can give away before friends, neighbors and co-workers avoid eye contact.Their blue eyes seemed so un-human, and he wondered how they could see out of them.She had a lovely pale oval madonna face with blue eyes and her hair was light-brown.Elika has green eyes.The grey eyes met mine for the fraction of a moment, then she faced the King.Luckily, Janice had already glanced away, her eyes circling with interest the splendid sitting-room.Her eyes were bright with happiness.Lambs' eyes and bulls' bollocks for dinner.Before our eyes the land is literally being ripped apart.A cloak concealed his body from prying eyes.Close your eyes and go to sleep.blue-eyed/one-eyed/bright-eyed etcHigh boned face, blue-eyed, faded permed lock of fair hair flopping over her eyes.a critical eyeAs women began to cast a critical eye over the discipline of philosophy, a number of different types of work appeared.He stopped on the top stair and with a critical eye surveyed the neighbor-hood.The seneschal stopped, looking at the work being done with a critical eye.Go through your whole list with a critical eye.They would be able to read with a critical eye and thus speak and write with more authority.