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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgall bladderˈgall ˌbladder noun [countable]  HBHthe organ in your body in which bile is stored
Examples from the Corpus
gall bladderThe composition of phospholipids in human hepatic and gall bladder bile has been studied by a number of investigators during recent years.Paired hepatic and gall bladder bile samples were collected from 10 patients with cholesterol gall stones and six patients without gall stones.Only six of the 13 patients had a clear gall bladder at the end of the first procedure.This is probably because of impaired gall bladder contraction.In gall bladder filling after a test meal, V r e s reflects maximum gall bladder volume.The same triple defect probably contributes to the formation of recurrent gall bladder stones.In pregnancy and obesity, increased fasting and postprandial residual gall bladder volumes are associated with increased risk of gall stone formation.It was considered that many of these problems were related to inexperience in the management of stones within a retained gall bladder.