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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhairlesshair‧less /ˈheələs $ ˈher-/ adjective  HBHHBAwith no hair syn bald Young rabbits are born blind and hairless.
Examples from the Corpus
hairlessHis armpits were also nearly hairless, almost sweet with musk.Rex told them he wanted the boy to be between 6 and 9 and blond with a hairless body.No wonder the high-voiced boys with smooth, hairless cheeks hated her.his hairless chinJust like the familiar bedding forget-me-not, but perennial and with softer hairless leaves.A hairless philosopher who lives in the wilderness, meditates and kills people.Can you think of a sympathetic animal with a hairless tail?Rodriguez thought they must all look like big, hairless teddy-bears romping over the dunes.The females build nests, give birth to their blind and hairless young after a gestation of thirty days.