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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhairyhair‧y /ˈheəri $ ˈheri/ adjective (comparative hairier, superlative hairiest)  1 HBHa hairy person or animal has a lot of hair on their body a skinny guy with hairy legs a hairy caterpillar2 informalFRIGHTENED dangerous or frightening, often in a way that is exciting It was pretty hairy climbing down the cliff. a few hairy momentshairiness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
hairyBesides which, I needed an ally at the shop, some one to watch my back should things get hairy.Someone who is as hairy as he is should keep his shirt on.I take a good look and all I can see is this great hairy baboon.I did not think I could grow to like a hairy bear, but I looked at this man with great hope.It got pretty hairy climbing down the cliff.With no makeup and hairy legs.These hairy, slimy crawlers not only invaded fictional cities, they crept into the darker crevices of our minds.Later, her hairy spider tattoo engulfed him.a big hairy spiderByron rocks away, very hairy, very clean, wringing his hands, like an impeccable spider in his green fatigues.