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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishheelheel1 /hiːl/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 shoes.jpg of your footHBH the curved back part of your foottoe2 of a shoeDCC the raised part on the bottom of a shoe that makes the shoe higher at the back black boots with high heelshigh-heeled/low-heeled/flat-heeled etc her low-heeled blue shoes3 of a sockDCC the part of a sock that covers your heel4 of your handHBH the part of your hand between the bottom of your thumb and your wrist Using the heel of your hand, press the dough firmly into shape.5 heels6 at somebody’s heels7 a) (hard/hot/close) on the heels of somethingFOLLOW very soon after something The decision to buy Peters came hard on the heels of the club’s promotion to Division One. b) (hard/hot/close) on somebody’s heels following closely behind someone, especially in order to catch or attack them With the enemy army hard on his heels, he crossed the Somme at Blanche-Taque. 8 bring somebody to heel9 come to heel10 take to your heels11 turn/spin on your heel12 under the heel of somebody/something13 bad man old-fashionedBAD PERSON a man who behaves badly towards other people Achilles' heel, down-at-heel, well-heeled, → click your heels at click1(1), → cool your heels at cool2(4), → dig your heels in at dig1(4), → drag your heels at drag1(8), → be/fall head over heels in love at head1(36), → kick your heels at kick1(9)
Examples from the Corpus
heelHe gets the goods, but he feels like a heel.He then handed her the turtle, turned on his heels and walked off.Mary found a pair of black pumps with three-inch heels and silver buckles.This season Gwynn often has been hindered by an inflamed heel, intensifying speculation that his weight is an issue.Suddenly, the boar had been faced with a cliff too steep to climb and had turned on its heel.The woollen choirboy under my heel!It is projected to hit $ 1. 17 billion in 1996 sales, nipping at the heels of Sega and Nintendo.Hard, through the heel of my thumb.