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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinbredin‧bred /ˌɪnˈbred◂/ adjective  1 HBHHBAproduced by inbreeding2 CHARACTER OF somethinghaving developed as a natural part of your character inbred ambition
Examples from the Corpus
inbredThis, I said, would prove his commitment to overcoming his inbred bourgeois morality.an inbred genetic defectHe seemed a courtly gentleman with the inbred manners of a diplomat.Underneath the bar graph are listed the inbred mouse strains or transgenics from which the analysis was made.Nuclei were isolated from cell lines or spleen from transgenic animals or inbred mouse strains.They are the inbred offspring of ten years of music press ingestion.The breeding system adopted depends on the number of animals required and whether they are of an inbred or outbred strain.There is an inbred racism in some parts of the country.He is intelligent, sensitive with an inbred understanding of children - and untrained.