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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishjawjaw1 /dʒɔː $ dʒɒː/ ●●○ noun  1 [countable]HBBODY one of the two bones that your teeth are in a broken jawlower/upper jaw an animal with two rows of teeth in its lower jaw2 [countable usually singular]CHARACTER/PERSONALITY the lower part of your face. Its shape is sometimes thought to show your character He punched him on the jaw. a rugged physique and a strong square jaw She’s got a very determined jaw.3 somebody’s jaw dropped4 jaws5 the jaws of death/defeat/despair etc
Examples from the Corpus
jawShe is young and she is beautiful, jaw jutting forth, hair swept back, eyes deep and direct.In mid-scream, he was choked into silence by a hand that came over his face, forcing his jaw shut.Tom set his jaw, frowning, listening, and concentrating doggedly on his own life.His jaw was clenched tightly, his eyes narrowed.His jaw was set and his eyes were narrow.a strong jawDid your jaw touch your hand?lower/upper jawOsteopath for Oscar One of my Oscars has developed a lower jaw which is twisted.The second was added to the first, over the cheek and lower jaw, to give a further stage of disintegration.It has relatively large eyes and a small mouth, with small sharp teeth on both upper and lower jaws.Both have small, numerous teeth in their upper and lower jaws.The other end attached to a bony spot on the mandible, or lower jaw.His four front teeth are through and two more in the upper jaw are pressing.Rothman believes the muscle helps to lift the lower jaw and move it from side to side.Abscesses form classically under the lower jaw but can occur in other sites.