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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishjowljowl /dʒaʊl/ noun [countable usually plural]  HBHthe skin that covers your lower jaw on either side of your face a man with heavy jowls (=jowls that hang down slightly) cheek by jowl at cheek1(3)
Examples from the Corpus
jowlDark-haired, he had shrewd beady eyes, was clean-shaven and showed the beginnings of a jowl.The guests, packed cheek by jowl, parted as he entered, and suddenly she knew the reason for the party.His long face, punctuated by a pencil mustache, is a place of jowls, creases and inflammation.A fine sheen of sweat glazed his heavy, quivering jowls.The only special feature for him was the jowl fixture inside his mouth, a wire frame with two plastic pieces attached.Fifty thousand dancing girls lying cheek to jowl in a battered straw suitcase.heavy jowlsHis cheeks were sunken and the onset of years had given him heavy jowls.Yet her face with its heavy jowls, hangover eyes and early-morning stubble was entirely that of a man.The face was gross and swollen, heavy jowls covered by thick black sideburns.