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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlarynxlar‧ynx /ˈlærɪŋks/ noun (plural larynges /ləˈrɪndʒiːz/ or larynxes) [countable]  HBHthe part in your throat where your voice is producedvocal cords
Examples from the Corpus
larynxIn a healthy larynx, the chords vibrate gently, releasing puffs of air that are transformed into the voice.Here are the rival theories: The false vocal cord theory sees purring originating in the cat's voice-box, or larynx.The true cats of the genus Felis have a different attachment of the larynx that robs them of this ability.Drew died of cancer of the larynx at Lambeth Hospital in 1940, aged 60.After taking a cold, rawness of the larynx and trachea come on, then spasmodic constriction of the larynx at night.Thomas plunged his arm deep into the creature's mouth and then forced his fist upwards through the larynx.