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lashlash2 noun [countable]  1 PUNISHa hit with a whip, especially as a punishment They were each given fifty lashes.2 [usually plural]HBH one of the hairs that grow around the edges of your eyes syn eyelash3 MOVE something OR somebodya sudden or violent movement like that of a whip With a lash of its tail, the lion sprang at its prey.4 PMWthe thin piece of leather at the end of a whip5 on the lash
Examples from the Corpus
lashThey were each given 50 lashes.Patrick Foster was sentenced to 70 lashes in 1995.She noticed that his eyes were very dark and intense, with long black lashes.Almost inhumanly silver-hued eyes set in a bed of black lashes.His inscrutable glance met hers and then his heavy lashes dropped as he released the lacy strap.Then, looking down, brush lower lashes in the same way.He was well over six feet, his hair was black and his eyes gleamed amber from between luxuriant lashes.The skin tone, the shine on the dark hair, the thick sweep of lashes, were lifelike.Only use eyelash curlers if your lashes are very straight.