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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishleftyleft‧y, leftie /ˈlefti/ noun (plural lefties) [countable]  1 especially British English informalPPG someone who has left-wing political ideas – used to show disapproval a group of liberals and lefties2 especially American English informalHBH someone who uses their left hand for writing, throwing etclefty adjective I don’t get on with his lefty friends.
Examples from the Corpus
leftyChris, a lefty, was a serious-minded player.Leadoff hitter Brett Hardy, a lefty, hit a line drive to left field.With one out, Valentine brought in a lefty, Takashi Kashiwada, to force Veras to bat right-handed.But you never know with your dumb hippy lefty types.Glorying in her national mandate, she despised local councillors as loonie lefties or loopy liberals.You know how these lefties are, they read Marx and stop seeing reality.He tells me Oxford is boiling with lefties.Saunders struck out leadoff batter Bip Roberts, but it was all downhill for the young lefty after that.