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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlidlid /lɪd/ ●●● S3 noun 🔊 🔊 1 lid.jpg cover [countable]DCOVER a cover for the open part of a pot, box, or other containerdustbin/saucepan etc lid 🔊 the name on the coffin lidlid of 🔊 He carefully lifted the lid of the box. → top1(4)2 eye [countable]HBH an eyelid3 → keep a/the lid on something4 → put a/the lid on something5 → take the lid off something
Examples from the Corpus
lid• Rather, Sanders said, police officers use the curfew to help keep a lid on crime in troubled areas.• When my father threw in the first handful of dirt, I heard the pebbles dance on the coffin lid.• Though requiring no cable, the third model still had 10 radio-controlled movements for eyes, lids and hands.• His eyes brimmed and his lids went red.• Replace lid and shake well, then mix in the chives.• a saucepan lid• He undid the three locks and swung back the lid.• Up with the lark and wanting to get out of town, I have to keep the lid on my impatience.• Sam lifted the lid of his desk and took out a calculator.• Where's the lid for this jar?• You can often see the eyes move under the lids.• Annie, do you know where the lid for the garbage can is?dustbin/saucepan etc lid• Melissa heard the sounds of a dustbin lid being replaced and the running of a tap as Eleanor washed her hands.• We had been wakened as on my first morning by the hideous 6 a.m. clattering of dustbin lids.• Next morning the din from the dustbin lids had hardly subsided when the grim realization drove into my brain.