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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishligamentlig‧a‧ment /ˈlɪɡəmənt/ noun [countable]  HBa band of strong material in your body, similar to muscle, that joins bones or holds an organ in its placetendon He tore a ligament in his left knee. damaged ankle ligaments
Examples from the Corpus
ligamentAn arm came loose and fell off, revealing scrunched up newsprint where there should have been ligament, bone and muscle.The damage was so severe that doctors repaired the tattered left knee with a cadaver ligament.Contortionists who are double-jointed have ligaments around their joints that are more elastic than normal.Flanker Len Dineen received a broken ankle, and no.8 Victor Donnelly knee ligament damage.I've had ruptured knee ligaments and hernias in the past.Because these abnormalities are in the bones or ligaments connected to the bones, muscle exercises will not work.Hostetler rejoined the lineup Sunday, after missing two games with strained ligaments in his right knee.The muscles are strengthened by an increased flow of blood, as are the ligaments that attach them to the bones.tore ... ligamentWhile appearing with them in Berlin in 1937 she tore a ligament and had to give up further hope of dancing.