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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishneuronneu‧ron /ˈnjʊərɒn $ ˈnʊrɑːn/ (also neurone /-rəʊn $ -roʊn/) noun [countable]  a type of cell that makes up the nervous system and sends messages to other parts of the body or the brain syn nerve cell
Examples from the Corpus
neuronIn some geniculate neurons, the center-surround organization simply disappears.Long-term memories probably are fixed in some structural change in neurons, such as synapse size.The traffic of ions into and out of neurons underlies their capacity to generate and transmit electrical signals.Studies of the finer detail show that each major zone includes several types of neurons and a great variety of nervous connections.First, I can't see that neurons have anything special going for them that silicon doesn't.To anticipate something to come in this inquiry, an ordinary definition of the neuron is an example.And a stroke that suddenly killed perhaps 30 percent of the neurons in the motor strip would also cause paralysis.The second is that these neurons must not be involved in any other task.