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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoviducto‧vi‧duct /ˈəʊvidʌkt $ ˈoʊvə-/ noun [countable] technical  HBMBone of the two tubes in a woman or female animal through which eggs pass to the womb
Examples from the Corpus
oviductThe female bot fly holds her eggs in her oviduct until they have hatched into maggots.The fertilised eggs are not then laid but remain inside the female's oviduct.So is development: first in the oviduct and then in the uterus.Manipulate the oviducts in a plastic Petri dish or glass cavity block on the heated stage of a binocular directing microscope.Hence the oocytes are flushed out of the oviducts from below-they are not sucked out from above.The oocytes are thus washed out of the top of the oviducts, where they are collected in a catheter.Once the oviduct is blocked, it is difficult to treat by surgery or other means.A third group act as temporary recipients, incubating the newly reconstructed embryos within their oviducts until they reach the blastocyst stage.