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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpelvicpel‧vic /ˈpelvɪk/ adjective  HBin or relating to the pelvis
Examples from the Corpus
pelvicBacks include the pelvic bones and all the vertebrae posterior to the shoulder joint.The meat may not be removed from pelvic bones.a pelvic examThey are also characterized by their pelvic fins, which are jugular in position and have two to four rays.The swordfish does not have pelvic fins.The good news is that you can strengthen pelvic floor muscles through exercises.He has recovered from a nightmare pelvic injury and is now forcing his way into Roker's Wembley plans.His top backup, Donovan Ricketts, is also out with a pelvic injury.One patient with pelvic sepsis developed a pouch-vaginal fistula and ileoanal stenosis culminating in pouch excision.