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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpitpit1 /pɪt/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 hole a) HOLEa hole in the ground, especially one made by digging The female digs a pit in which to lay the eggs. a five-foot deep pit sandpit b) HOLEa large hole in the ground from which stones or minerals are obtained by digginggravel/sand/chalk pit2 mineTI especially British English a coal mine Dad first went down the pit (=worked in a coal mine) when he was 15 years old. a national strike against pit closures3 mark a small hollow mark in the surface of something, especially on your skin as the result of a disease the deep pits left by smallpox4 untidy place [usually singular] informalUNTIDY a house or room that is dirty, untidy, or in bad condition5 be the pits6 in/at the pit of your stomach7 the pits8 in a theatre an orchestra pit 9 in a garageTTC a hole in the floor of a garage that lets you get under a car to repair it an inspection pit10 a/the pit of something11 in fruit especially American EnglishHBPDF the single large hard seed in some fruits syn stone British English a peach pit12 body part informalHBH an armpit13 business American EnglishBFS the area of a stock exchange where people buy and sell shares syn floor British English
Examples from the Corpus
pitWe dug a pit a yard deep in the soil.Every military camp has a pit, where prisoners are held.There are tiny scratches and pits on the windshield.But somebody ought to tell the filmmakers, who are churning out movies as if demand were a bottomless pit.The dis-used brick pit has been a tip for 10 years and will continue as one for 30 more.It was another plastic bag of clothes from the clunch pit murder.a gravel pitS., methods by which operas hire pit orchestras vary.The opera needs the players for its pit orchestra.They found a large pit where all the dead bodies had been thrown.Many of the victims were buried in large pits.Eric's house is a total pit.gravel/sand/chalk pitAround Chichester there is an area of gravel and gravel pits of considerable economic importance.Not simply on Tring Reservoirs or the home counties gravel pits do men now sit for a ten pounder anymore.Many schools are fortunate to have an outside sand pit as well.Some men pinched all the wages at the gravel pit.Hand carts and horsedrawn carts wait to carry away building supplies brought from the gravel pits of Middlesex.The money he had stolen from the gravel pits reposed under his bunk in the houseboat.Now suppose we ask Professor Summerlee, after a particular landing in the sand pit, what he has just experienced.The chalk pit itself is potentially a valuable habitat and adds yet one more facet to this lovely stretch of land.pit closuresOccupancy at Pontins dropped 13% and bookings dipped after pit closures were announced.The dockside coal depot will be the focal point of a demonstration against imports and pit closures tomorrow.K Thousands of coal miners marched through central London to protest at the Government's bungled pit closures.Further contraction, pit closures, and industrial erosion would certainly follow.He promised a moratorium on pit closures if Labour won.These ravenous companies claim to provide jobs to communities starved of employment following the pit closures.But he pulled out because of the expected Government statement on the pit closures programme this afternoon.inspection pitBelow: The interior of the depot, with its five inspection pits and single-span roof.The remains of the old Motherwell car are lying in the inspection pit underneath! 3.The inspection pit and work bench.