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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpremenstrualpre‧men‧stru‧al /priːˈmenstruəl/ adjective  HBHhappening or relating to the time just before a woman’s period (=the time each month when blood flows from her body)
Examples from the Corpus
premenstrualFor optimum results: Only embark on any new exercise programme when you are not premenstrual.All of these findings show how unwarranted is the claim that there is such a phenomenon as a premenstrual mental disorder.This would not be a premenstrual mental illness either, but it does warrant some discussion.When we suffer premenstrual symptoms, such as severe mood swings, our desire for sweet and starchy carbohydrates may surge.Two doctors have told her that she has premenstrual syndrome and that most women do.The food premenstrual women crave most is chocolate.