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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprivate partsˌprivate ˈparts noun [plural]  HBHthe sex organs – used when you want to avoid naming them directly
Examples from the Corpus
private partsThereafter, the defendant must have pulled down her pants and tights and stabbed her private parts a number of times.He was always looking at his private parts.The guys are at it again, discussing my private parts in public.She once bared her backside to a crowd and once measured the private parts of three sailors with a broomstick.The private parts she didn't know how to read?Then he terrorised the hysterical wives into mutilating their private parts with needles and pins, a court heard yesterday.Their private parts were firmly jammed in the wringer and all it needed was for somebody to to the rescue.When I think of the trouble you caused because you couldn't keep your private parts to yourself!