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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprostatepros‧tate /ˈprɒsteɪt $ ˈprɑː-/ (also prostate gland) noun [countable]  HBAHBHan organ in the body of male mammals that is near the bladder and that produces a liquid in which sperm are carried
Examples from the Corpus
prostateThe cancer, according to Allen, has not spread beyond the prostate.No pressure group within the medical profession is lobbying for the right to save men's lives by regularly examining the prostate.This includes massaging the prostate gland and massaging the urethra over a metal sound.Radiotherapy for cancer of the prostate was also in two phases but with a 25 Gray phase two, in 15 fractions.Screening for prostatic cancer Editor, - Fritz H Schröder makes a cogent case against widespread screening for cancer of the prostate.Several times Lawrence and colleagues accentuate the damaging effect of treatment on patients with cancer of the prostate.Since 84% of apparently localised cancers of the prostate progress if left untreated some centres advocate radical prostatectomy for early cancer.Of those cancers that seem to be limited to the prostate clinically, 25-35% will have lymph node metastases.