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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrectalrec‧tal /ˈrektəl/ adjective medical  HBHrelating to the rectum
Examples from the Corpus
rectalThese findings are possibly explained by poor rectal absorption of N-acetyl-5ASA.Patient 202 - presented aged 41 years with a rectal adenocarcinoma associated with over 100 adenomatous polyps.The treatment of choice for rectal and rectosigmoid cancer is complete surgical resection.Patients evacuated their bowels before rectal dialysis.The validity of rectal distension measurements, usually determined with pressure-volume relations, is disputed.Five minute rest periods separated each rectal distension.Some theorized that repeated rectal exposure to the semen of different partners might be leading to an immune breakdown.If this is below the tipping point for rectal gonorrhea, the disease will continue to disappear slowly.