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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishREM sleepREM sleep /ˈrem sliːp/ noun [uncountable] technical  HBHSLEEP (rapid eye movement sleep) a period during sleep when your eyes move quickly, when you are dreaming
Examples from the Corpus
REM sleepCocaine use produces insomnia caused by a reduction in deep sleep and REM sleep.Brain activity during REM sleep is significantly different from the brain activity experienced during stages two, three, and four.During REM sleep there is activity similar to what you would see in wakefulness.During REM sleep, they argued, the cortex is largely under the control of these random discharges from the hindbrain.They found that the effects on sleep were to increase the total amount of REM sleep and Stage 2 sleep.During the early phases of the night, alcohol reduces REM sleep.Their REM sleep time was however reduced.Well-established aspects of the early results relate to the behaviour of sleep mechanisms when REM sleep is prevented by repeated wakenings.