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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishretinaret‧i‧na /ˈretənə/ noun [countable]  HBthe area at the back of your eye that receives light and sends an image of what you see to your brain
Examples from the Corpus
retinaIn Fig. 2 we show at the upper right a typical fragment of foveal retina from one of our preparations.The image of the insect may pass over the edge of my retina rather than the more acute central region.The insect may be 50 yards away, and so make only a tiny image on my retina.Their inputs come directly from the retina.Given that the number of W-cells in the retina probably exceeds the number of Y-cells, this is unsatisfactory.There are at least two layers of neurones in the retina, in addition to the light-sensitive cells themselves.A single photo-cell on the retina may be an input to several nodes.It makes the light rays take up more space on your retina.