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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrightright1 /raɪt/ ●●● S1 W1 adjective  1 true/correct a) CORRECTa statement or piece of information that is right is correct and based on true facts syn correct opp wrong Yes, that’s the right answer. Is that the right time? I got most of the questions right. His ideas have now been proved right. b) [not before noun] if you are right, you have said something that is correct and based on true facts opp wrong I think you’re right. We should have set out earlier.right about You were right about the hotel being too crowded. I think the prime minister is only half right. Am I right in thinking that you two have met before?2 suitableSUITABLE the right thing, person, method etc is the one that is most suitable or effective opp wrong I think you’ve made the right decision. I think she’s definitely the right person for the job.right for A huge development like this isn’t right for such a small village.see thesaurus at suitable3 side [only before noun] a) HBHSIDEyour right side is the side with the hand that most people write with opp left He had a knife in his right hand. a scar on the right side of her face b) HBHSIDEon the same side of something as your right side opp left Take the next right turn. the right bank of the river4 problemsCORRECT something that is not right is not in the state it should be in The engine’s not quite right. This cheese doesn’t smell right. Things haven’t been right between me and James for some time.put/set something right (=correct something) It didn’t take long to find the fault and put it right.5 morallyGOOD/MORAL if someone is right to do something, their action is morally correct or sensible opp wrongright to do something Do you think I was right to report them to the police? It can’t be right to keep lying to your family.it is right that I think it’s right that the people who work hardest should earn the most. It’s only right (=completely right) that he should get his share of the money. The company wants to do the right thing and offer compensation to all the injured workers. 6 that’s right7 right you are8 emphasis [only before noun] British English spokenBAD BEHAVIOUR OR ACTIONSBAD PERSON used to emphasize how bad someone or something is syn total, complete He sounds like a right idiot! The house was in a right mess when we got back.9 health spokenHEALTHY if you are not feeling right, you are not feeling completely well I haven’t been feeling right all day. A few days in bed will soon put you right. You’ll soon be as right as rain (=completely healthy). put somebody right/straight at put(9)10 sociallyBEST the right people, places, schools etc are considered to be the best or most important Sonia’s always careful to be seen with the right people.11 be in the right place at the right timerightness noun [uncountable] He was convinced of the rightness of his cause. put something right at put(8)COLLOCATIONSadverbsquite right (=completely right)You were quite right – we should never have gone with them.absolutely rightYou’re absolutely right.exactly rightMy figures may not be exactly right.dead right informal (=completely correct, used for emphasis)You were dead right not to trust him.half/partly right (=correct to some degree, but not completely)That theory may still be partly right.verbsget something rightFor once, he got my name right.be proved rightWe warned that it would not work, and we have been proved right.be right in saying/thinking etcI think I’m right in saying they once employed 2000 people. THESAURUSright not wrong – used about something someone says, or about the person who says itthe right answerYou were right about the colour.‘He’s about thirty, isn’t he?’ ‘That’s right.’correct right. Correct sounds more formal than rightthe correct answerHe is absolutely correct.Unfortunately, this information is not correct.accurate right – used about information, measurements, descriptions etcMake sure that your measurements are accurate.an accurate description of the suspectexact an exact number, amount, or time is completely correct, and is no more and no less than it should beThe exact time is 9.28 a.m.The exact weight of the baby was 3.3 kilos.spot-on British English spoken informal exactly right – used especially about guesses or things people sayHis answer was spot-on.You’re spot-on.
Examples from the Corpus
right"Your mother's a teacher, isn't she?" "Yes, that's right."He's the drummer for that band, right?When staff at the hospital realised their mistake they quickly brought out the right baby.Chris tore a ligament in his right elbow.It's a good school, but it wasn't really right for Melissa.No, that's not quite right. Lower the left hand corner of the painting just a little more.It is irrelevant to the Purchaser whether or not the Vendors know the warranties are right or wrong so long as they accept the risk.If you don't push the buttons in the right order, nothing will happen.Put the words in the right order to make a sentence.I wanted to make sure I was getting involved with the right people.No modem detected: Is your modem installed, plugged into the right port, and switched on?A color picture of her takes up the right side of the card.It's only right that parents should help their children.I took a pay cut to come here, but I'm sure it was the right thing to do.Do the right thing - turn off the TV and get the kids playing outside.I only want to do the right thing.Is that the right time?It's not right to tell lies.The right training, the right arms, everything that's coming to the surface now.Rich made a right turn into the parking lot.And they're right up to a point.Excuse me, but the bill isn't right - we didn't have a Caesar salad.I don't know the right word to describe it.Ben struggled to find the right words.right in thinking thatPardon their asking, they said, but were they right in thinking that he was the celebrated Blondel?I'd been right in thinking that he wasn't seriously hurt, and they soon had him well again.President Reagan is probably right in thinking that private companies could introduce innovations to what has become rather a moribund operation.You are right in thinking that such products are carbohydrate sources too.right personSo how do you select the right person?For all her efficiency, her intelligence, her appropriate education, she wasn't the right person for the job.Are you the right person for this position?An officer who deals with adults every day is not the right person to deal with teenagers.The patients' rights person was present, but was not given much of a chance to say anything.Someday, just the right person will come along for this high-voltage sweetheart.The right person will have experience of the service, an in-depth knowledge of nursing and communication skills.right sideA boy called Red, the crew chief for this ship, helped me strap in on the right side.No stitching is visible from the right side.Slip stitch is also a textured stitch where the purl side is the right side.There is a war on, Britain is fighting on the right side.Tuck and slip are both textured stitches, where usually the purl side is the right side.They dashed from the left side, circled around the right side, charged straight up the middle.Similarly, messages from the left-hand field of vision of both eyes are transmitted to the right side of the brain.When the neurologist repeated the test on the right side, the patient saw that hand normally as well.do the right thingAs adults we have active consciences which help us do the right thing.It addresses the question whether it would in fact pay us to do the right thing.It can change the climate enough to give people elbow room to do the right things.We gently persuaded them to do the right thing and come back to face the music.But again, I do the right thing and hold the door for the guy.People are much more likely to do the right thing if they can see some personal advantage to it.I thought I was doing the right thing, trying to do the right thing.To do the right thing was all.as right as rainHe then closed it and felt as right as rain.