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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishright-handedˌright-ˈhanded ●●○ adjective  HBHa right-handed person uses their right hand for writing, throwing etc opp left-handed
Examples from the Corpus
right-handedYou can conceive of globular protein molecules folding from chains of left- and right-handed amino acids but not helical protein molecules.Fine if you're right-handed but then, not everyone is.He has been described as a right-handed David Gower.Busch, hoping to make the 25-man roster as a right-handed hitter, is batting. 333.Or that wicked sidearm delivery that turned right-handed hitters who liked to dive into pitches into paratroopers.I have already mentioned that right-handed pilots seem to have a natural tendency to turn left.The only one with no questions about the right-handed pitcher was Nomo himself.right-handed scissors